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Why Partner With Us

Sherry Destinations Travel a full service, New York-based host agency. Our goal and focus is on helping our agents grow their business. We do that by providing guidance through education, training, and mentoring. We also offer agents a competitive commission structure. We want our agents to succeed.


Tier 1 Package- $29 Month

 Recommended for New Agents

70% Commission

  • Travel  CRM System

  • Travel Leaders Membership

  • Travel Theme Website

  • Preferred Supplier Incentives

  • Eligible for FAM trips and Seminars at Sea

  • TRUE card if eligible

$150 Registration Fee

Tier 2 Package- $59 Month

 Recommended Experienced Agents

80% Commission

  • Travel CRM System

  • Travel Leaders Membership

  • Email Marketing

  • Travel Theme Website

  • Travel Leads

  • Preferred Supplier Incentives

  • Eligible for FAM trips and seminars at sea

  • TRUE  card if eligible

$150 Registration Fee


Tier 3 Package- $89 Month

 Recommended Industry Pros

90% Commission

  • Travel  CRM 

  • Travel Leaders Membership

  • Email Marketing

  • Travel Leads

  • Travel Theme Website

  • Preferred Supplier Incentives

  • Complimentary CCRA Membership

  • Eligible For FAM Trips and Seminar at Sea

  • TRUE Card If Eligible

$150 Registration Fee


Web Based CRM

Marketing Tools

Monthly Webinars and


Private Facebook Group

Increase Your Income


Hotel Booking Tool

Access To Vendors And Suppliers

No Experience Required

Work Independently

No Annual Or Hidden Fees.

No Sales Requirements At Any Level


You May Change Your Commission Level At Anytime.

Earn Top-Level Preferred Supplier Commission.

You Select The Plan That Is Best Suited For You and Your Business!


Is Travel Experience Required?

No travel experience necessary-We provide hands on Personalize training.So breathe easy. We provide personal support with Sherry Destinations in-house training, business development, marketing.  Sherry Destinations will train you on all information required to build a successful travel business.

What Is The Cost To Become An Independent Agent?

Sherry Destinations Travel offer 3 different packages. See the plans and its benefits

How Do I Get Paid

You will get paid depending on the commission split 70-90%. Your Commission depends on the package you choose.

How Long Before I Can Book Travel And Start Learning?

Immediately, upon signing an Independent Contractor Contract,  we will set you up in our system and you can start booking travel.  

​How Do I Book Travel?

We have a Preferred Supplier list. You can review and register as an agent to book. 

What Type Of Travel Can I Sell?

You can sell and book all types of travel: Cruise, tours, airline tickets, rental cars, hotel, train tickets, amusement parks and events.


Are There Travel Benefits and Discount To Me

Yes! Our Travel Suppliers and Vendors offer familiarization trips to agents so you can experience the products you are selling. This is a great opportunity to share your experience with your clients.

Most hotels/resorts and other travel products will offer travel agent discounts/pricing.

What Are Familiarization Trips?

A FAMiliarization (FAM) trips is a great perk! Travel stays are offered to agents at free or significantly reduced rates. Known as FAMiliarization (FAM) trips, These trips are also designed to be learning experiences. The goal is to learn about the product you're selling.

When Will I Be Paid On The Bookings?

You are paid after travel is completed by your clients and the payment has been received by us from our suppliers/vendors.  The commission is paid by direct deposit on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Work/Life Balance

As in Independent Contract, you get to set your own work schedule. It is your business as and you decided when you work. 

​IS There An Annual Fee?

There are no annual fees. 

What  Do I get With The Website?

You will get a 5-page Travel Theme built site with stock travel photos. You would be responsible for the domain and the copy/content. Any extra pages or content will incur additional charges.

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