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In the Beginning​

In the late 15th century the indigenous Ciboney and Guanahatabey peoples occupied western Cuba, and the more numerous Taino inhabited the rest of the island. Estimates of the total population range as high as 600,000; however, the actual total was probably about 75,000. The Taino were a peaceful people and were highly proficient agriculturalists, related to the Arawakan peoples of South America who migrated to the Greater Antilles. Their houses, called bohíos, formed villages ranging from single families to communities of 3,000 persons. They made pottery, polished stone implements, and idols of religious spirits called zemis. The Taino diet included potatoes, manioc, fruits, and fish. 

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 Luxury Island Hopping 

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The Experience


The Caribbean nation of Cuba is well-known for its vibrant and rich culture that is a complex mixture of different influences and factors. Due to the Cuba's rigid communist history, the development of the country has been set back. Though conveniences such as Wi-Fi are now available, they are not widespread as is typical of most Western countries. It is still difficult to find access to things in stores due to ongoing trade embargoes. These embargoes are also one of the reasons why Cuban cuisine can be satisfying but bland. 

Getting There

Only 103 miles away from the United States, the largest island in the Caribbean has lived through a complicated estrangement from its nearest neighbor since 1961. What Americans call “the embargo,” and what Cubans call “the blockade,” has arguably done more to shape Cuba’s present as its 1959 revolution. Since President Obama lifted many of the longstanding travel restrictions for U.S. citizens when he restored diplomatic ties with Cuba in 2015, Americans are now able to experience a country. Cuba has 10 international airports. The largest by far is Aeropuerto Internacional José Martí in Havana. The only other sizable airport is Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport in Varadero. ​

14 - Fun fact about old cars in Cuba.jpg
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