• Sherryann Charlton

It's time for travel, or is it?

By now, I'm sure you've heard the good news that the US anticipates that there will be enough vaccine doses available for every adult by the end of May this year. Should you choose to be vaccinated, this opens a small window of opportunity if you are looking to travel. This summer may be viable for travel, and it must be planned carefully and thoughtfully.

This does not mean that things are wide open - quite to the contrary - careful steps must be taken so that we do not allow ourselves to go backward in our quest to open things. Travel and destination restrictions, regulations, and protocols still need to be followed to keep everyone safe from infection (including ongoing tests, wearing masks, proper distancing, and diligent hygiene). It means that as borders open, those who have chosen to be vaccinated will have a few more options available to them. My travel partners offer extraordinarily flexible and adaptable travel booking opportunities when you are ready - even if your plans to travel are for 2022 or 2023.

I can't emphasize enough that as hotels, tours, and flight routes start operating again, capacity will be reduced for a while, so your dream trip might become unavailable before you know it due to limited availability or reduced capacity. When will cruises from US ports resume? I don't have that answer yet, but I know that cruise lines are diligently working to adhere to CDC and destination governmental requirements to make the cruise environment safe for passengers, crew, and locals. Be flexible enough to know that vaccines may be required of those who wish to sail when cruising does resume and that the actual cruises may be very short to start.

If and when you are ready to start planning and booking your travel, domestic or international, reach out to me to help you sort through the maze of requirements, including any mandatory testing so that you can book your trip with confidence and enjoy your travels. An online booking engine cannot assure that you are thoroughly informed regarding your travel destination's most up-to-date requirements. You may either reply to this email or click one of the buttons below to schedule a quick hello and chat with me or send me an email to get started.