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Why should use Sherry Destinations Travel to plan my trip?

 I can help you create the vacation you actually want not a pre-package and created for anyone else I'm available to answer your call and emails no matter where you are in the world

What is the process for planning a trip?

3 Step process

First: you schedule a discovery chat with me so that I fully understand your travel desires and wants

Second: I'll but my skill and knowledge to work based on your requirements and curate the itinerary of your dream

Third: After I have all the pieces in place then a proposal is built that will wow you with hotel, flights, tours, activities you deserve for your review and booking

When is full payment due on my trip?

Full payment is usually due nighty- sixty days before the commencement of travel. The final payment date varies from supplier to supplier

Do you offer monthly payment?

Absolutely! If your travel date is 60 days or more in the future, we offer flexible monthly payment

What happens after I make my reservation?

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Is trip insurance necessary?

We highly recommend that you take out travel insurance to cover your trip, we can give you recommendations about which providers to choose.

When will I receive my travel itinerary/documents?

We will distribute travel documents 30 days before travel if available.

Do you charge a fee?

I charge a planning fee that allows me to conduct this in-depth itinerary research, select properties, activities, experiences, and suppliers that work best for you.

My professional service fees vary depending on the type and length of your travel experience.

When should I start planning my trip?

I recommend starting the trip planning process 9-12 months in advance of departure