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We also understand that every group is different, they have different goals and priorities. We will design custom itineraries to fit your agenda and group interest.

So what special occasions do you have on the horizon? Why not make it a group celebration!!

Traveling with a group of family or friends can be an incredible experience with lots of opportunities to bond and create lifelong memories

Group trips aren’t an easy thing to execute, but with me in your corner, a great getaway with a group of family or friends is totally possible. Based on your group’s size, interests and budget, I’ll work with you to create a tailored experience that you’ll all enjoy and be reminiscing about for years to come. Don’t wave the white flag on planning that group trip just yet!

So why not turn over the planning to the group's experts?

What does a group planner do?

From securing and booking, hotel, resorts, cruise space, flights and transfers, to organizing group tours and activities with trustworthy companies.

With our attention to detail and organizational strength, we make planning a group trip effortless. We will lead you and your group member through the planning process with prompt and clear communications.

There are three things I recommend having in place before you give me a call to start planning.

  1. Have one or two-point people who can relay information to your whole group
  2. Decide on a price range
  3. Have a few destinations and interests in mind

That’s all! I’ll take care of the rest so you can start packing while I start planning.